Thursday, January 16, 2014


I am one person who knows what bulling feels like, for I myself have been bullied. Bullies can be every where, in school, at your job, or just walking around calling you name or starting a fight. Most of the bullies, play at your emotions, make you just want to end it, or escape. Some people try to leave town but usually someone else bullies them at there new school. Others do, more drastic things like killing there self, or cutting there self. Everyone has something bothering them, you don't know what is going on with them, they could have a sick family

member, or going through a hard time, even people that bully
most of the time have something going on. So use your words
to heal not to hurt or kill. In my option, everyone out there keep fighting don't end your life because of one jerk.
Don't judge someone till you know them ok
you have no right to say a word about someone
you don't know, get to know them who knows,
maybe you can make them smile, laugh, or
change there tone of voice.    

   MAKE SOMEONE SMILE NOT HURT.                                                                                   

Thursday, January 9, 2014

the groups

Most people think that school is a place that you are to go and learn, but today school is different. It is all about what you are wearing, or the brand you wear, everyone has a label on you, your put under a bridge, and it stays there till you change. so if you wear black combat boots with spikes your emo, if you wear ugg boots your a prep, if you where a band tee your gothic. I say break that bridge tare it down, you are what you want to be, BE YOU. Don't care about what some brat tells you to put on. Also if you do something good that is not something to brag about id rather make a difference and no one knows, if you do something do it for the right reasons. Don't judge someone, get to know them, I am not going to sit around when someone is being hurt I am going to step in. So if your labeled show them who you are and keep your head up.